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A Quick Clip – Grooming Pet Nails with RollinPets

Disclosure: I purchased the subject product from RollinPets at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever been stuck in a pair of boots or shoes with toenails that are just a little too long? Pinched by what feels like little daggers in the ends of your footwear because you’ve gone a few too many days beyond a trim? It’s important to take care of our feet, and for us pet owners it’s equally important to take care of the feet of our furry companions.

Mommy Engine was a dog trainer in a former life and through her I learned that dog nail grooming is not merely cosmetic, it is necessary for the health of the dog. The misalignment of the bones in the feet and legs of a dog with excessively long nails can cause joint pain and even arthritis if the condition persists. To maintain paw health, dog nails should be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks. If the dogs are walked outdoors frequently more time between trimmings may be allowed as the nails will wear down naturally. My dogs spend most of the day indoors, so we trim often.

Unfortunately, my old pet nail clippers have seen better days. Chewed up, loose, dull blades, and a grip that’s no longer comfortable. We were at the point where a dremel was more convenient. It was time for a new pair, and I think the pointer would agree; we needed an improvement (dremel bad).

I purchased a set of pet nail clippers and massage brush from RollinPets just before Thanksgiving. They are Prime eligible for those of you with memberships, and they came in the mail within the allotted time frame.

These pet nail clippers are excellent.

A Quick Clip - Grooming Pet Nails with RollinPetsI tested them on my shepherd right out of the box. I meant to do a few and take some notes, but I ended up doing all of her nails in about 2 minutes. With the nail guard in place I got the cuts right every time with no guesswork. M.E. doesn’t care for the guard and prefers to clip by eye, so she simply moves it aside when she trims nails; cutting at a 45 degree angle where the claw starts to bend down (she’s had lots of practice). A Quick Clip - Grooming Pet Nails with RollinPetsThe grooved rubber handles are comfortable and provide a sturdy grip while a simple sliding thumb lock keep the clippers closed for storage in the included tote bag. They have a decent heft and the stainless steel blades are easy to clean. RollinPets pet nail clippers do not feel cheaply made.

A Quick Clip - Grooming Pet Nails with RollinPetsThe included massage brush is a bonus. I can never have too many of these things. The brush in this package works great and fur doesn’t stick to it which makes cleaning a breeze. In this dry winter season my pointer loves having a deep massage brush to help loosen up some of that dry skin he always gets in the cold months. A Quick Clip - Grooming Pet Nails with RollinPetsThe brush is a simple molded rubber design, yellow in color with stiff little nubs that are firm but not too hard. My only gripe is that I did find it a little too small for my larger hands, but M.E. and the kiddos can hold it comfortably.

If you’re a pet owner, you can’t go wrong with a set of RollinsPet Nail Trimmers and Massage brush. They are rugged, easy to use, and easy to store. This little kit is perfect for home or on the go. The price is a little high (at $25) for a combo like this, but I’d gladly pay full price for the quality of this product. Doggy toes will also thank you kindly for it.

All aboard!

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