Family Photo goof off.

Who is Daddy Engine?

My name is Josh. I live in Maine, USA and I have two beautiful children ages 10 and 2. My fiancee and I are expecting another in July and we couldn’t be more excited about it and although this blog is primarily about my family, I also enjoy a passion for video games, technology, DIY home improvement, my dogs, motorcycles, and a myriad of other topics that I may write about from time to time.

I started this blog as a hobby to capture my recollections of family and child adventures. The name Daddy Engine actually comes from my daughter assigning family roles to her trains. Daddy Engine was the train version of me, and it stuck,

I work in E-Learning development and Instructional Design, so I am no stranger to writing, but blogging is a new skill application for me and I’m looking at this exercise as an opportunity to grow.

I hope you will join me in my adventure on the rails.