Oren Miller

I’m laying in bed typing this. My fiancĂ©e and toddler are next to me and yet I can’t help but feel incredibly saddened.

Saddened by the death of a man I have never met, a man with whom I had only one interaction with. Ever. To join his facebook group Dad Bloggers.

That man is Oren Miller.

I should have no reason to be sad. I don’t know him. He didn’t know me. We were two strangers sharing digital space on a server somewhere on the west coast. I didn’t even cry for my grandmother when she passed on over a decade ago. This man, whom I have no emotional investment in has passed away. And I am sad.

I am sad that his wife and children dearly miss him.

I am sad that the online dad community is distraught by his passing.

I am sad that I feel a connection to a man whom I didn’t even know, but for the stories others are telling about him.

I am sad that so many people look up to this man, and they have lost their idol.

I am sad that I will never meet this man myself.

Online communities are a special thing for so many people. We befriend others a world apart and we sometimes become closer to them than we are even with our own flesh and blood. Sometimes these people may as well be flesh and blood.

Oren touched so many lives and to see people mourn a man like he was their brother is incredible. I am touched by the compassion of these men and women, and although I did not know Oren Miller personally, I can plainly see what a shining example of humanity he was.

I am sad that he is gone.


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