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Premature – A series of haiku

Premature – Part 1

Winter, premature.
A baby boy shows too soon.
His lungs are failing.

Premature – Part 2

Growth, warmth, sunlight here.
Strength blossoms into resolve
Our worst fears are past.


Premature – Part 3

We wake with each day.
We are whole, but incomplete.
When will I see you?


Premature – Part 4

You are a young man.
You have yet to know your worth.
Time is not enough.


Premature – Part 5

The times are changing.
We are taking the shot.
Stay on the target.


Premature – Part 6

Wondering, bright eyed.
How is my boy today?
It’s been far too long.


Premature – Part 7

Your baby sister.
She will love you dearly.
You don’t know it yet.


Premature – Part 8

We have our struggles.
Things have a way of changing.
The way out is through.


Premature – Part 9

You have won the race.
There is a lot to do.
Will we win again?


Premature – Part 10

A decade passed.
I remember your first day.
You are stronger now.


Premature – Part 11

I sense your struggle.
I will love you forever.
Always remember.

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