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Random Acts of Kindness Day

We attended a local event in which members of the community offered random acts of kindness to others. It was a great event and Mommy Engine struck out to make a difference in other moms days…

Would you accept a kind hug from a random stranger? I didn’t. I ducked it, even though I was standing smack in the middle of Bath Maine’s second annual Random Acts of Kindness Day, which took place on August 15th. I don’t think I meant to duck it, but I did have my hands full with a 3-year-old who wanted to inspect and touch everything that wasn’t tied down and was a little distracted.

Anyhoo. Hug ducking aside, Bath was full of love last Saturday morning. The Random Acts of Kindness Day event, organized by Brianna Ringrose of Bath saw visitors attending kindness stations where they could take part in different activities. The event was a successful follow-up to last years event of the same name. An event designed for the community to get together and share kindness amongst each other and with strangers because kindness is well, awesome and frankly there isn’t enough kindness going around these days.

We approached the bustling city sidewalk on the end where the pet a pet station was.


BWP_20150815_10_34_06_Proetween the “Ginny Pigs” and the sleepy old dogs, I’m amazed we were able to make it through the rest of the event. Jo and Ry loved the Guinea Pigs, and didn’t want to give them up, but as the line of eager sticky fingered half-pints lined up behind us, and I blocked traffic taking pictures I finally managed to convince them enough to move things along.

WP_20150815_10_52_05_ProWe moved up the line visiting various stations, such as a park bench where the activity consisted of sitting down with a complete stranger and drawing ‘get to know you’ questions out of a hat. There was another station where you could talk to a nice woman about anything and everything. WP_20150815_11_14_43_ProShe was there just to listen. There was a refreshment area with fresh lemonade and dessert items, and neat arts and crafts activities where the kids could paint, or draw, or even watch a super talented young man named Keegan build just about anything out of pipe cleaners, although he preferred dinosaurs. He was a hit with the under 10 crowd and WP_20150815_11_25_58_Procould make a dinosaur out of pipe cleaners in less than 10 minutes. Poor guy did great work, but he had so many requests he couldn’t finish them all before he left with his mom. I hope to see him around again during another fair or event. He was really impressive!

V__68C8I reconnected with Mommy Engine as she finished handing out Encouragement Cards to random moms and dads with the instruction to write a their own note in the card and pass it along. We didn’t get a card back, but a few people posted their cards on Facebook, which was exciting to see. M.E. was very happy with the positivity that reflected in the additional notes as the cards passed on from person to person. Parents don’t often receive enough encouragement, but these cards made a difference for some people.

Random Acts of Kindness Day lasted until 2pm, and was a blast for everyone who attended. I hope to see a 3rd Annual Random Acts of Kindness Day next summer. We could all use more kindness.

All aboard!

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