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Review: Dove +MenCare Cool Fresh Dry Spray Deodorant

Disclaimer: I received the topic product free of charge from BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

“Oh its cold.” I exclaimed as I applied my new bottle of Dove +MenCare Cool Fresh Dry Spray. “And it’s strong.”

Call it personal preference, but I just can’t make myself like spray on deodorants. Dove +MenCare tried valiantly, but I think I will stick with my… stick. Let me tell you why.

There are several aspects of spray on deodorant that I just don’t enjoy.

  1. It’s strong – I am sensitive to strong smells. I agreed to try Dove +MenCare Cool Fresh Dry Spray because my history with Dove +MenCare products has been a good one. The products are lightly scented; not overly perfumed. I was hoping for a similar experience with dry spray. I did not have that experience.
  2. It’s cool on the skin – I suppose that is fine if you’re living in the tropics, but in the dead of winter when the heat is cranked on high and you are still shivering out of the shower, applying a cool spray is not invigorating – it’s a chore.
  3. A quick spray won’t do – To get full coverage you need to spray for several seconds. With a stick it’s a quick application. With a spray I need to take a couple of passes at the recommended distance of six inches. Still, with a full application the smell bothers me.
  4. After 48 hours the smell is tolerable – After two days, the smell is subtle. It’s acceptable. Unfortunately, my allergies are in full revolt for the preceding day. If it was as subtle on the first day as it was on the second, I could accept it. I’m disappointed in this regard.

The short of it is: I personally did not like this product. Dove +MenCare Cool Fresh Dry Spray smells great, I’ve been told, from several people whom I happened to spend some time in close proximity to. I however, could not verify this on my own as I was too busy wiping my runny nose.

I still love you Dove +MenCare. This was not the product for me, unfortunately.

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