Rolling the ball

I’ve been sitting here for the better part of an hour, steeped in thought over my first blog post. Who knew it would take me back to my memories of college term papers, papers that never seemed to be a priority until the night before it was due? Type, type,  type… delete, delete, delete. Hmm, perhaps a cup of tea will get those juices flowing. Oh there’s the dog, hi dog. Ahh. Focus Josh. You’re not writing an email to your boss here and the internet said… Yeah I’m going that route. Good ol’ about me. Well, here goes.

I’m 30 years old. I live in Maine. Most of the time it’s pleasant. Unless you happen to be living here right now, where snowbanks are taller than most vehicles and your dogs have figured out the the 5 foot fence is now a 2 foot fence and is totally scalable at this point. I have a fiancee whom I love and adore, though she may tell you otherwise some (most) of the time. I really mean it though… the loving her part that is…

I’m also a dad. I love my kids. They are the reason I decided that, “I’m going to start a blog tonight.” I mean, what better way for a parent to ostracize and permanently embarrass their kids before they are capable of doing it themselves than through a detailed chronicle of our lives on the internet? Sounds great. All my parents ever did for me was lick their hands and slick my cowlick down in the middle of elementary school field trips. With this, I can add a photo of the cowlicks and the entire family can relive the moment forever!

I probably won’t do that, but what I will do, barring that I get bored with this and tuck it in the basement (I suppose there are internet equivalents to basements) never to be seen again like so many other relics of my time on this planet, is talk. My kids, my family, my dumb dogs, maybe get some other dads (and moms) on board. We’ll see how it goes.

All aboard!

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  • Welcome to the blogosphere!

  • Amanda

    I’m following your blog so that I can call you out on your BS as needed. I think this is a great idea I enjoy your writing style. now, write a post about walmart.
    your sister-friend. 🙂

    • Did anything exciting happen at Wal-Mart? I can’t recall.